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Start an Online Car Dealership in California

The majority of California car buyers search the Internet prior to buying a vehicle. Start an online dealership to profit from this growing trend.

Add a Car Dealer License to an Existing Automotive Business

If you own an automotive related business, a car dealership is the next step.

Obtain a Business License

This is a guide on how to obtain a copy of your business licenses required for your state.

Defuse a Situation With a Difficult Customer

Customer service can be difficult. Whether you work in food, retail, or hospitality, there are always going to be difficult situations with irritable, angry or upset customers. This article should help you deal with those situations in a professional, upbeat manner, so that the customer leaves satisfied, and you are not a nervous wreck at the end of it.

How to Deal With Customer Complaints

Always have a customer complaint that you're just not sure how to handle? These few steps may make you're life a little easier when trying to help the angry customer with their problem.

Handle Customer Complaints Quickly

Customer service is the interaction a person experiences when conducting business with a company or an individual. The experience can be positive or negative. Successful businesses train their staffs on how to handle customer complaints quickly.

Handle Customer Complaints About Food

If you haven't been in this situation, you may know of someone who has. Bad food isn't something that is really an alien issue. However, in an establishment where your job is to deliver delicious eats, there may be a point in time where you have to confront a customer that is not completely satisfied with their decision or the quality.

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